Our Features

Your members and contacts

  • Collect infos on your members, volunteers, donors, resources...
  • Manage their membership
  • Follow-up notes and interventions management
  • Time tracking and interests management for volunteers
  • Create groups and families
  • Extract lists in an Excel format
  • Join attachments to your people profiles

Your activities

  • Create activities and sessions
  • Check the presences, payments and histories


  • Resources directory
  • Calendars
  • Follow-up on phone calls and messages with email notifications
  • Internal wall to post about the last meetings, procedures and news

Find what you're looking for!

  • Find anything everywhere
  • Export the datas you need
  • Build lists and groups with ease

Your users

  • Add any number of user, their is no limit on their number. Each employee, volunteer, social worker can have its own account without extra cost.
  • Define and assign different rights to each user and ensure a strong confidentiality inside your team.
  • Our team an our application speak english and french! Each user can choose the language he wants to work with. We're Québecproof!

You're not alone

We'll be where you need us most. Extraction, statistics question maybe some help to start? Our team will be their! We know what your going through, we're on field with the non profit organizations since a while! We still get a lot of innovations coming from our clients. Hestia Solution was founded by a social worker tired of making statistics.

Statistics reports

  • Make your life easier, get your annual report and grant report in seconds
  • Cross data to get the trends and get precise reports on your organization
  • Our statistics model evolves with you. Updates came with new needs for funders and grants.
  • People, members, phonecalls, activities, volunteering everything can be analysed.

We've got you covered

New features came on a regular basis to answer new needs. Give us a call and we'll tell you what's planned

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